Coastcord Choker Brown 1/4″



1/4″ Choker round made from Coastcord ™. It is resistant to fraying and feels like cotton (No more rope burn!) even though it is 100% synthetic. It can be cleaned back to new with a little dish washing soap (even white). Each collar is hand-made and sewn in Canada. Specifically designed for show and obedience dogs,it can be used as an “everyday collar” for walking. It is useful when a “soft” choke is preferred. Length is measured between the rings. For a correct fit measure the widest point of the circumference of the head (around the ears), then add 1″. Tip: Measure with a string and then lay it out flat and measure with a measuring tape. If the collar is too large the dog may be able to slip out of it. This collar is for showing, training and walking. It is not meant to be worn in place of a regular collar.

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Weight .1 kg

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