Having Trouble finding Chain Collars?

Having Trouble finding Chain Collars?

So are we!

Chain collars are falling out of popularity with the few manufactures that are left. There are plenty of poor quality ones available though. Most people don’t care so they just purchase for price. In turn the manufacturers that make quality products reduce or stop production.

We sell steel (molybdenum) chain collars with nickel chrome plating. It is the standard for trainers and conformation shows. We also sell Stainless Steel chain , and our Snake chains are 100% brass.

There is really only one manufacturer making show collars right now. They only manufacture them once a year (in the spring) and when they are sold out you have to wait an entire year form them to be produced again. We do our best to purchase enough to last an entire calendar year, but, sometimes we run out.

As for training schools, the news is a little brighter. With the aid of one of our suppliers we have been able to have high quality chain collars manufactured in the U.S. at reasonable prices. The only drawback is what I refer to as “The Rings Of Saturn”. The rings on the end are larger than some of us would prefer. It’s the best that we have been able to come up at the present time.


We will be adding the “Sprenger” line of products in the coming weeks. Prong collars will be a stock item.

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